About Me

Back when the web was young and fresh faced, everyone who was everyone had a personal webpage. These days, blogs and social networking seem to have taken over the role served by these pages, which used to be there to provide a little background information on the people you might come across on this strange new frontier. Well the frontier is no longer new, but it’s still pretty strange, and for better or for worse, we’re all a bit less open than we were in the old days. (It’s over 15 years since the first time I connected to the internet. It really doesn’t seem that long.)

These days, I’m not so sure I could tell you as much about myself as I knew back when I was first creating one of these pages. Everything seems to be much more fluid than it was back then. I don’t mind that, because there’s no growth without change, and I love to do both. So, then, the essentials. I’m female, a technophile, a neophile, and a dreamer. Pretty much everything else is subject to change without notice.